Beginner Drop-in Series • February 2-9-16-23, 2017
Thursdays 7:00p-8:00p • Cost: $10 / $8 Students
(includes the dance social)
Attucks Theatre/Norfolk , 1010 Church Street, Norfolk, VA
No Experience or Partner needed.

Learn how to dance the Balboa!
Get in gear and get ready to learn a specialty swing style called BALBOA. Historians believe this style of dance derived from the Foxtrot, Charleston, and Collegiate Shag all combined into one. No one person is certain of this, however The Balboa was developed in the 1920s and flourished by the 1930’s.

This dance came from the coast of southern California where it made its début at the Balboa Pavilion in California. Traditionally danced to faster paced music with fancy footwork and minimal body movement.

Balboa was thought to be a lost dance until in 1980s when Sylvia Sykes and Jonathan Bixby helped bring the dance back into the spotlight. Sylvia Sykes to this day is known as the Queen of Bal for her contribution to this dance has been contagious. And to this day she can still rock out an awesome BAL!

Balboa has TWO main styles: Pure Bal (closed frame) and Bal Swing (open frame)

7:00p SHARP!
Learn the core patterns, connections, & combinations to give you a solid understanding of this smooth classic.
This class is aimed at people who are new to Balboa, or those that have been dancing Balboa for a short time, and also for higher level dancers that still want to improve their basics. You will learn how to lead and follow and some common “Pure-Bal” basics, break-turns. Plus you’ll learn some easy transitions into some simple “Bal-Swing” variations.

A Really fun Balboa video put together by Gasper Hrovat and friends. video by Blaž Završnik

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