Learn the Grandaddy of Swing - Wednesdays 7:00p-8:00p
Beginner Progressive Series
Newbies & Beginners Always Welcome • No Partner or Experience Necessary
757 Dance Studio, 176 S. Rosemont Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Cost: 4-wk Series $35* • $15 Drop-ins**
Series re-starts each calendar month

Jump into some fun and be ready to tear up the dance floor in no time!

This progressive class will teach you the basic patterns of the 8-ct "Swingout".
Each week we'll progressively teach you more core moves that is the backbone for your Lindy Hop. Giving you enough "Lindy Tools" to keep you dancing with everyone and all night.

Lindy Hop evolved in the late 1920s. It is characterized by the 8-count break away or "swing out" and has an emphasis on improvisation and the ability to easily adapt to include other steps in 8-count and 6-count rhythms. This slotted dance incorporates multiple combinations is danced to almost every conceivable style of music. done to slow or fast music.


You should have two pairs of shoes when you go dancing. ONE pair that you wear TO the event. And a SECOND pair you change into AT the event. You should never wear street shoes on the dance floor.

more on what kind of shoes to get here.

*If paid-in-full on first day.
**NOTE FOR DROP-INS: Since this is a progressive series, we highly encourage you to make the first class where you'll learn the basic foundation pattern. Each week we build on the previous week's moves. Drop-ins are ONLY allowed to dancers with prior experience that are able to catch up on their own. Private time may not be available.

Swing Dancers
Instructed by National
Lindy Hop Champion and Jitterbug Champion

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Swing Dancers

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