Swing Dance Intermediate Lessons • Wednesdays 6:00p-7:00p
Swing Level 2 • Inspiration

East Coast Swing • Lindy Hop • Charleston • Shag & MORE!

757 Dance Studio, 176 S. Rosemont Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Cost: Monthly pass $50 (5wk punch card) or $15 Drop-ins** (with experience)

You have the basics down? Now it is time to work on building move combinations into your bag of tricks. Time to WOW the crowds....or make them laugh. Focus on Movement, Connection, Patterns, and most important - FUN!

You'll continue to learn the original swing dances: Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, Charleston & Collegiate Shag.
Learning several core moves throughout each night. Each week you'll learn new moves, new patterns, new combinations or just learn to do them better. Swing into some fun and be ready to tear up the dance floor in no time!


Wear comfy clothes. EX: Tshirt, slacks, skirt, etc.

"Slippery", flat bottomed shoes: suede, leather, felt, non-grippy.

more info on clothing

This is a 6-count and has very simple structure and footwork along with basic moves and styling. This is based off a 6-count pattern and is the building blocks of all swing styles. It is popular for its simple nature, and it is often danced to slow, medium, or fast tempo jazz, blues, or rock and roll.

LINDY HOP (Hollywood Style) - more info here
You've seen it on the silver screen and now ready for you to learn. It is characterized by an 8-count break away or the basic called "The Swingout". Lindy Hop has an emphasis on improvisation and the ability to easily adapt to include other steps in 8-count and 6-count rhythms. It has been danced to almost every conceivable style of music. This slotted dance incorporates multiple combinations done to slow or fast music.

CHARLESTON • 20s - 30s - Tandem - Hand-to-Hand - Solo - more info here
Social dance of the United States popular in the 1920s thru 1940s. There are three styles of Charleston: 20's, 30's and Tandem.They have very similar techniques with slight variations in feeling and pulse.

20's Charleston is based off partners in open position facing each other doing the basic patterns.
30's Charleston also called "side-by-side", which in fact has partners side-by-side with contact at the hips.
Tandem Charleston has partners in front of each other facing same way doing patterns simultaneously.
Hand-To-Hand Charleston - partners connect only by palm-to-paslm facing opposite directions.
Solo Charleston - is exactly what you think, you dance by yourself or in a group circle. FUN CRAZY TIMES.

COLLEGIATE SHAG - more info here
This energetic swing dance with a 6-count and a 8-count basic from the 1930s and '40s highlights fancy footwork, playful rhythms, and creative combinations between you and your partner. It was popularized by the collegiate youth (hence the name) and danced to jazz music that emphasized a 2-beat rhythm. The most common style is a Double Shag with 6-count rhythm. It is fun to learn and is impressive to watch with turns similar to Jitterbug or Lindy Hop. The main characteristic is keeping the upper body motionless while the feet are moving fast.

*If paid-in-full on first day.
**NOTE FOR DROP-INS: Since this is a progressive series, we highly encourage you to make the first class where you'll learn the basic foundation pattern. Each week we build on the previous week's moves. Drop-ins are ONLY allowed to dancers with prior experience that are able to catch up on their own. Private time may not be available.

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