Also known as: "Lindy lvl2, Swingout Clinics, Mini-Workshops, Gimme-More-Moves, Stylings, Make-Me-Better, etc".

Novice/Intermediate/Advanced Drop-In Series
Thursdays 7:00p-8:00p • Attucks Theatre 1010 Church Street, Norfolk, VA• $10 Drop-ins include Dance

Tired of doing the same moves over & over?
Need to add some pizzaz in your steps?
Want to blow your partner's mind?

This Novice/Intermediate-level class goes over additional techniques, patterns, and some crazy stuff we learned at workshops & lessons. Instructors have a bucket-load of awesome stuff to teach you to make you a better dancer.

Each week you'll learn several new patterns, tricks, techniques, or combinations that will not only keep your Dance Bag-O-Tricks ever building, but also encourages you to start creating and improvising to make your own combinations. Guaranteed to keep your butt on the dance floor and not in the chair. Taught by different featured instructors each week to bring you great move combinations and patterns that they've learned across the country at workshops & events.

Mind Blown

Then it is time to continue to learn the wonderful world of swing! Each week you will learn a whole new batch of moves or techniques. No matter what it's called, it's where you go from a meh dancer to a GREAT dancer.
PREREQUISITE: Must know basic swing patterns.*

*This is a Novice/Intermediate/Advanced level series where we build on and sharpen your skills based the core moves of the bascis of the Lindy Hop Swingout, Charleston, and/or basic 6-ct Swing. a.k.a. Not for beginners.

This class is aimed at pushing dancers past their basics and show them some really fun combinations for those Jam Circles or Birthday Jams or just to WOW the crowds. Partners encouraged, but NOT necessary!


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Swing Dancers Checklist
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Swing Dancers Checklist
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Swing Dancers Checklist
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Your Guide To Swing Dancing
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