Housing Etiquette
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Some of the best memories from Exchanges or Events are not the actual dances, but the dancers they meet from all over the world. Whether this is your first time being hosted, or if you are a veteran globe-trotter, still take time to read the below "Courtesy Rules".

Guest Recommendations
• Contact your host as soon as you've been notified by the Housing Coordinator.
Right away exchange basic information: Full Name, Cell #, what day & time arriving & leaving, what city coming from, anny necessary transportation arrangements (airport pickup, have car / no-car), pet allergies, smoking/non-smoking, late nighter/early riser, etc

• Ask them about what to bring (towel/pillows/sleeping bag/air mattress/etc.). Some hosts provide a bed or couch and some only have floorspace on their hardwood floors.
• Your host is responsible for providing sleeping space and bathroom arrangements only. Meals/transportation are your responsibility.
• Usually your host will be the one who will transport you to and from events but that isn't always the case. Check with your host to see if they'll be able to drive you to & from the airport and/or the events. If they can't, get in touch with the fellow guests and make arrangements that way. It's nice to offer whoever is driving you around some gas money.
• Make your "getting ready" time as short as possible. Nobody likes being late for classes or an event because someone needed a large amount of time to make themselves prettied-up. If you are sharing a bathroom with the host and/or other hostees, try and do as much of your routine outside of the bathroom as possible so that other folks can use the shower, etc.
• Always let your host know what your plans are and where to find you. It keeps them from stressing. They usually feel somewhat responsible for you and want to make sure you are safe, therefore eveyone is having a good time.
• Try to bring or do something for your host to express your gratitude. It is not necessary but it is a nice thing to do and a positive hosting experiences makes it much easier for us to get volunteers to host again for future events. Some suggestions: A meal (lunch/dinner). A thank-you card. A gift certificate from your favorite national bookstore/music chain. A mix CD with some of your favorite songs. Do laundry/dishes/clean.

Host (Local) Recommendations
• Contact your Guests as soon as you've been notified by the Housing Coordinator.
Right away, give your Guests basic information: Full Name, Cell #, pets, your policies regarding: smoking, late night, house keys, sleeping arrangements, food, showering, personal space, etc

• Tell them what to bring (towel/pillows/sleeping bag/air mattress/etc.).
• Most guests are used to this and they are happy with a floor and a bathroom.
• Guests should take care of their own meals. If possible, it is nice to have some breakfast stuff around. Check with them before you buy anything though - no point on splurging on Krispy Kreme if they think donuts are eeeeeevil but very yummmy!
• Let them know to what extent you can drive them around throughout the weekend. If necessary, have them contact others to arrange rides.
• Let them know your schedule and what a reasonable amount of time prepping in the bathroom will be. No point in being cranky about being late to classes/events if you've made an incorrect assumption about what a "reasonable time" would be.
• Check with other hosts and/or the Housing Coordinator and see if there are any group lunches/dinners that your guests might enjoy.
• Always let your hostees know what your plans are and where to find you. It keeps them from stressing. They are alone in your city and will be looking for you as soon as a problem arises.

Now go forth and have the best time visting your new friends!

Thank You,
Event Staff

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