Lindy Hop Is a Drug...Here's Why

- the first one's free, the next one's gonna cost ya.
- it's expensive.
- it changes your life style.
- it makes you feel so good.
- some people are dealers.
- there's special equipment.
- you can't count past 8.
- you suffer withdrawal when you can't get it.
- it is the new way to advertise (instead of heroin chic it's lindy chic).
- you can't get enough of it.
- people outside can't understand why you do it.
- you give up things that used to be important to you to do it.
- you can only date within the lindy/drug crowd.
- dealers go to high schools in the area to get the young crowd hooked.
- there is a special lingo.
- there are many names for the same thing.
- many people try it, some become addicted.
- you think about it all the time and the next chance you will get to do it again.
- it impairs the way you see things, suddenly everything is in black and white.
- it increases your appetite.
- you begin hiding your obsession so your friends don't think anything is wrong.

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