Reasons For Swing Dance Return
by Jeff Miller et al.

Technically, it is wrong to say that Swing Dancing "came back" never left. The more proper term is it has been REVIVED.

The partner-dancing just didn't get the popularity of the pop cultural music. But it remained in a sort of "underground" version with swing nights or still being taught in dance studios across the nation and even remained alive across the globe.

As the pop-culture throughout the decades changed, the styles of dancing has changed too. The swing dance styles were alive from the 20's through the 40's, but with the new sounds of rock-n-roll, partners started to dance apart. Then 60's & 70's revolution pushed them farther apart as each sex were a separate person and were now independent of one another. Then the 80's & 90's, the sexual tensions kept people apart as to not offend the other in fear of being seen as harassment. Also, the genders have become androgynous, by having the males and females in both wearing the same clothing as in jeans, khakis, baggy clothing and ball caps to hide the hair.

Now, today the swing scene has completely changed the style and attitude. The males are now being more masculine, and the females and become more feminine. The guys open the doors for the ladies, buy the drinks, and dress in suits, ties and fedora hats. While the ladies have gone back to the dresses (full or short), wear intricate hairstyles, and wear bows & pins.

Here are some reasons why swing dancing made a pop return:

Safe Partner Dancing
Guys can ask Ladies to dance without being a come-on or an invitation for a 'relationship'. You are there to dance and have a great time. Just ask, and dance.

Music Styles
The "grunge" era contained many forms of depressingly-themed music. Swing music has an inherent toe-tapping, finger snapping, and lively sounds that people have warmly embraced the happy sounds of the big band and jump blues. Several bands emerged from the 1980s & 1990s that had the "neo-swing" sound and rockkabily flavors that helped jump start a new gereation of dancers and culture.

The Internet
Since you are reading this from a website, you are one of billions that find your information on the internet. Swing clubs now publish information for upcoming music, dances and events. As a traveler, you can do a search for any town and find a swing club in that area you visiting and dance.

America's Retro Obsession
As you have seen around you, there have been many resurgances of the past decades style of dress, music and items. You look at someone with a greased back hair from the 50's. Look at bright colors, swirls and Austin Powers-style dress and you return to the 60's. Or a lava lamp of the 70's. Big hair of the 80's. So as a return from the early years fits right into America's tradition.

CDs, Music, VCRs and DVDs
Before you only heard or saw the great music of a bygone era, now you can order up the old music on CDs and listen to them. Nowadays you can order copies of the original music & see the dancers on video or a DVD that started the whole style.

Exercise & Socializing
After years of aerobics and hitting the gym, people got tired of spending money and not having fun working out. Now, you can go out and have a good time and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only do you meet new people, but you also can keep your heartrate at aerobic levels. You may need a bring a towel to dry off.

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