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Things Our Dancers Learned...somewhere on their travels...

Things that I have learned in Mexico...
by Stephanie Zink July 15, 2006

To introduce myself as Estephanie...
How to take a shower in less than 10 minutes...
That I can live without air conditioning...
That the world does revolve around a sphere but it is not the sun...
To shake out my clothes before I put them on and check between the sheets before I go to bed...
To eat supper at 9:30PM...
Not to use the word "chaqueta" for my jacket because it is slang for something else...
To carry tissues with me when I travel even if I don't have a cold...
To be more independent...
To be more dependent...
That even if I am broke, I still can not be considered poor...
To draw my own blood...
That contrary to popular belief, Norfolk does not have the worst drainage system...
To enjoy being lost...
That I am not as happy to be coming home as I thought I would be...
oh, yeah, I learned some spanish, too...

Things that I have learned in Sweden...
by Brian McNamara July 27, 2006

Swedish meatballs taste better in Sweden.
Living in a coed dorm with 1000 swing dancers ain't too bad.
Swedish mosquitoes are very healthy, have good appetites, and enjoy
international cuisine.
The Herrang flu is overrated.
Yum Yum is Yum Yum!
Licorice ice cream ain't that bad.
Scandinavian followers are HOT!
The prop shop has already been picked over.
You can never bring enough dance shoes.
You can never bring enough t-shirts.
Its cold in July in Sweden.
AC in a Swedish car does not increase its resale value.
Dance till 5am every nite.
Attend every class you can.
Dance zombie-ness occurs by day four.
The dance-banana is cool.
Dawn Hampton is more impressive than you will ever know.
ABBA lives in the hearts of many Scandinavian swing dancers.
Back beat dancing is where its AT!!!
Attend the Herrang meetings. They are fun.
Dress up for the Herrang costume dances. They are really fun.
Watch out for pirates! Join them if you can.
Stephen Mitchel is awesome for good reason.
Gospel line dancing is FUN!!
African dancing is harder than you think at 240 beats per minute.
Italian swing dancers are nuts. Long live Tuti Fruiti!!!
Swedish dance teachers are hilarious.
Peter Loggins is good for good reason.
Leonard is a machine!
Leonard is my hero!
Leonard is awesome for good reason.
Go to Herrang once! Then every year afterwards!

Smooth banana, smooth, smooth, smooth banana
Groove banana, groove, groove, groove banana
Shake banana, shake, shake, shake banana
Go banana! Go! Go! Go Banana!

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