What is a Lindy Exchange?

A Lindy Exchange is where a Swing Club from a certain city invites out-of-towners & locals to come dance for an extended weekend. Traditionally it has DJ'ed Dance Parties and/or Live Bands from the afternoons, evenings to the wee-hours until daybreak.

A Lindy Exchange is also known as an "LX" or an "X" following the city name. EX: If Virginia Beach is hosting a Lindy Exchange, it would be called VBLX.

The special treat about exchanges are that you meet a bunch of crazy dancing strangers from all over the country and become instant crazy dancing friends. You also get to learn new styles, moves and techniques.

Housing is sometimes hosted by the area swing dancers who open their house up to fellow dancers. But spaces are limited so it is important to register early to get a spot. Lessons and workshops may be offered, but not typically.

So keep an eye out for the next Lindy Exchange and go for it.

The Lindy Exchange are so worth the trip and the experiences last a lifetime. Plus you'll have friends all over the country and the world!

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